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We believe in “teaching children the way they seek.” We at Versatile school have developed techniques that facilitate every child’s physical, intellectual and social development. To accomplish a Versatile personality, we emphasize on providing an atmosphere to groom our students’ personalities. To bridge the increasing gap between old and new, we integrate academics with Performing Arts, Sports and other creative activities for our students to explore and excel.

Our aim is to not only to pursue academic excellence but to motivate the young minds to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers and productive members of the ever-changing society. It is true that intellect is inborn, but it can be developed if right stimulus is produced and provided.

Thus, we believe in the below dynamics in the favour of our next generation:

  1. A physical, emotional and social development must go hand in hand. As physical health and it’s growth is important, mental health and development is equally important.
  2. Theoretical knowledge is never enough, therefore we encourage them to Express, Experiment and Experience by bringing them closer to reality.
  3. Equipping students with conventional and modern learning to increase their knowledge about cultures and technology at the same time.

Prominent Offerings : (Salient Features)

  • School is located away from heavy traffic and motor disturbance.
  • Classes are e-learning, equipped with modern teaching help.
  • Well qualified and professional teachers that help students acquire skills and techniques.
  • State of the art computer centre with essential accessories and software.
  • Library that contains a world of adventure for the curious minds.
  • Special rooms for crafts, arts and music.
  • Indoor / Outdoor sports facilities.
  • Safe CCTV camera surveillance on Campus and Buses.
  • Mobile application for day to day personal interaction between parents and teachers.
  • School transportation buses equipped with camera and GPS system to track the route with mandate lady attendant in each bus.


Following the principle that parents – who are their first teachers & life-long mentors –impart initial education to their offspring. We believe in working in an alliance with parents and consider them equal partners in the children’s growth. Therefore we encourage students to participate in

  • Elocution, Debate, Essays
  • Spell Bee, Story Telling
  • Mad Ad, Street Play
  • Field Trips
  • Science Exhibition
  • Creative Exhibition
  • Workshop
  • Young Entrepreneur’s Fair
  • Crafts and Arts
  • Dance, Music and Sports.

Study with Technology

Technology has always flourished for the gain of mankind. The technological devices improve and enhance the learning performance for students. So to increase the student’s comprehension of content, we have started our e-learning software ‘Guruji’ for 1st to 7th Std. and ‘Robomate’ for preparation of the board examinations for 8th Std. onwards.