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We at Versatile have introduced performing arts and sports along with academics. We believe that teaching performing arts and sports at an early age will pique their interest and it will be engraved in their muscle memory.

Performing Arts

The cultural activities are hosted under the guidance of Padmashree Taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar. Activities taught are Tabla, Synthesizer, Vocals and Kathak. Every cultural activity has a constructed syllabus that is taught in a scientific and planned manner. Our intention behind this project is to help children achieve their dream of becoming a music composers or renowned dancers who will carry forward the cultural legacy.

Pt. Talwalkar believes if music is taught in school then the future of music itself is bright. He also thinks that this project is crucial as music makes a person’s mind clean, peaceful and stable. He says, “A society’s sensitivity will develop to a peak if there are more and more people making classical music. I have experienced this myself. That when I teach even the smallest of the children, it gives me peace knowing that they like the teaching and making of the music.”


Along with Performing Arts, sports are also a part of the value addition program. We have national level coaches coming exclusively to train and teach students. Following sports are taught at Versatile: